“Study Drug” Provigil

Provigil medicine is a stimulant that is known for its ability to improve the cognitive memory even in healthy people, and that effect is known for a while. That a number one reason why Provigil is becoming so popular even among students that use it during the periods of exams.

This medicine helps to stay focused for a long period of time, and it is also improving the concentration level as well as the ability to remember digits better. It is also known for the ability ti improve decision-making skills.

Ingredients of Provigil

These are the ingredients that contain Provigil medicine:

  • Modafinil (active ingredient)

More ingredients:

  • cellulose
  • lactose
  • croscarmellose sodium
  • magnesium stearate
  • pregelatinized starch
  • povidone
  • microcrystalline

Pattens of sleep

There are certain questions that doctors and scientists have been trying to answer for some time, and one of them is: What exactly controls our sleep/awake cycle in our brains? There has been quite a few studies done to understand that mechanism. The main purpose of the studies was to find out the exact reason for sleep disorders and  why they happen on the first place. It has been discovered, that there are separate mechanisms that are affecting these cycles, one is a sleep cycle, and another is responsible for wakefulness. Provigil treats sleep disorders by increasing the wakefulness level in people.

Provigil and mood elevation

In a number of studies that has been done on healthy people, 30-45 years old volunteers. These studies have been performed to understand how this medicine affects healthy people in general.
It has been proven, that this medicine has a very good mood elevation and improvement effect. It helps to stay awake, makes us alert and brighten the mood. It is often used by those that do extended hours, fights excessive sleepiness and do overtime.