The pace of modern life with its constant overloads and stresses does not contribute to clarity of thought and mental efficiency. Inability to concentrate, absent-mindedness, lack of interest, weakness, indifference are clear signs of a decrease in the brain’s ability to work. There are a plenty of brain boosters in form of products and drugs that can help to increase brain functioning.

Brain Boosters

Mineral substances providing correct and active work of the brain

Proper eating is important for the building of the brain cells, and also contributes the constant supply of blood to the brain filling it with building materials. For proper brain activity, there are following minerals that are natural brain boosters:

1. Sulfur is needed to supply brain with oxygen
2. Phosphorus provides the building of brain cells.
3. Iron provides a normal blood composition and the required level of hemoglobin in the blood, without it vital processes in the brain tissues are impossible.
4. Zinc increases mental abilities and ameliorates blood composition, and also averts certain nervous illnesses.
5. Magnesium is important for optimal brain functioning.

Natural nutrition to provide the brain with all useful substances

The best brain booster is apple. This fruit has a highly positive effect on the brain vessels making them stronger, increasing their elasticity and preventing the blockage.

Eggs are the great source of choline. The substance affects the nerve endings of the brain, helping to improve reaction speed and memory.

In addition, the brain needs a number of vitamins, especially group E and group B. These vitamins are found in lettuce, sunflower oil, sprouted wheat, nuts, dry beans, polished rice, greens of mustard, cabbage, spinach, oranges, grapefruits, melon, avocado, bananas.

And, of course, the brain needs a lot of oxygen. Products such as potatoes, parsley, mint, horseradish, radish, onions, tomatoes, contribute to the saturation of the brain with oxygen.

The oil found in nuts and fish that really useful for better brain work. This food improves air circulation system supplying the brain with oxygen and improves cell membranes function.

Medicaments that effectively improve brain activity and functioning

Brain booster pills that improve brain function include preparations of the nootropic category.

Nootropics should be considered substances that activate the higher integrative activity of the brain, restore disturbed memory-related and mental functions that reduce neurological deficits and increase the resistance of the organism to extreme situations.

Nootropics that used to treat: Parkinson’s disease in the early stages, senile dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, narcolepsy, attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.